The Reporter Intern Experience

Here is the most recent This Week in History I anchored. Ashley was out today, so another intern filled in. This was one of the more important History’s I anchored because of the fact that it was talking about President Kennedy’s assassination.

This is the most recent This Week in History Ashley and I have anchored. We had to make minimal changes to our script this week, so we really are getting better at writing our copy and our lower thirds.

Here is the most recent This Week in History I co-anchored. I really am getting more and more confident each week we do this segment, and not only on-camera, but during the pre and post-production stages as well. I feel as though I have a great sense of how to write the scripts as well as the content for the lower thirds. Also, I feel like the editing process is more streamlined than even a week ago because I am better prepared with scripts for the editor, allowing them to do their jobs even better.

This is a package that Ashley Stoffer pitched and reported on. I got a chance to go to the meet and greet event in Philadelphia and helped shoot some of the footage that made it into the package.

Here is the most recent Intern of the Week interview that I got to host. This intern worked for the FOX Businees Network, specifically the 6pm show hosted by Neil Cavuto. It was awesome to be able to talk to her because I had interned for Cavuto last fall for his FNC show, Your World.

This next video is the most recent This Week in History I got to anchor. This time we added a third person to our team so that she could practice reading on-camera. This taping went very well and my segment took only one take. I feel like I’m really getting the hang of writing the scripts and then anchoring and editing in a quick way so that they can be ready for the web as quickly as possible. 

This is the FNCU Young Voters debate which took place at the FOX News bureau in D.C. The reason I posted this is because I helped to create the lower third graphics for this segment and help to produce how they would appear in our edit session. It was an interesting experience that let me hone some more of my producing and behind the camera skills. 

This is the most recent This Week in History I hosted with Ashley. We really worked with our editor more to try and do some interesting effects with the lower thirds, and added in the date and year on the bottom of the screen.

Here’s the package for FOX News Channel’s 15th anniversary I helped anchor/produce with Ashley. We went around and talked to interns about what they were doing 15 years ago, and how old they were.